Sunday, 12 February 2017

Quantum Battery

I had been given a Quantum powerchair by a friend who knew of all the problems I was experiencing with my Permobil M300.  He explained to me that this was a "discarded chair" which had been "cobbled together" with some spare parts to make it functional. In particular, I was advised that the quality of the batteries was unknown.

As it would happen, the Quantum chair began to experience power problems after about a month or a bit more.  The battery(s) began to lose power after about a few hours and I would have to take a break mid-day to recharge.  As the problem was getting progressively worse with each week, I decided to call and establish myself with my service provider's franchise in my new city.

Once again, they responded in a prompt manner and were very professional.  The batteries in my 'gifted' chair were not appropriate in the first place as they were of a slightly lower voltage.  The service technician replaced the batteries to the cost of ~$850 Cnd including the service call.

While this was an expensive repair, the Quantum chair was invaluable to me and I remain delighted to have it.

I currently have two Power wheelchairs and am eligible for a new replacement chair late this spring.  I really am not contemplating getting rid of any as I will have enough space to store those not in use.  While I have no confidence in the Permobil M300, it is almost a new machine with virtually every part replaced on it over the years of my owning it.  I had solid rubber tires put on it so I can use it in my shop once I get it together -no fear of running over nails and such.

Once moved in I hope to get back to building guitars as I did pre-injury.

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