Sunday, 12 February 2017

Missing In Action

I've not added any new posts to this blog since late 2016 due to the death of my 92 year old father.  As sole beneficiary and executor of his estate, I have been quite busy, not only in my current home but in my future home.  As I have inherited his home, my preference has always been to move there as it was my childhood home.  Renovations had to be made to make it accessible.  Some renovations are completed, others will be a work in progress and still others will be deferred to a later time.

My friends "gift" of a used Quantum powerchair could not have come at a better time.  With my time split between my current home and my new home in another city some forty minutes away, I was able to leave my Permobil powerchair in my current home and transport the Quantum to my new home.  With two chargers, I now have usable powerchairs at each location which makes the transition much easier.  I can shuttle between locations using my manual wheelchair then use the powerchairs within each home without having to ship a powerchair back and forth.

I will share some of the accessibility related renovations, from my current home and my new home in upcoming posts.  I will also address some of the questions related to spinal cord injury and "recovery" as I experienced it - as I can only speak for myself.

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