Thursday, 4 June 2009

BoTox Assessment - Post Injection

BoTox Assessment - Post Injection

A follow-up assessment 2 weeks post therapy indicated that there was significant change in the amount of spasticity allowing increased flexibility at the ankle. I didn't get a full grasp of the indicies and terminologies used but in plain English, the treatment eliminated all measurable spasticity. Yet with this loss of muscular tension I still lack in the ability to initiate dorsiflection (pull up with my foot at the ankle). Again, as I mentioned in the previous post, my physiotherapist felt that I was taking longer strides when walking with the walker. The physiatrist (doctor) administering the BoTox was pleased with the physical results as well as my stride/gait when walking with the walker in his hallway.

From the inside-out, so to speak, I feel no difference physically. If others didn't observe differences in my walking, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference pre or post injection. I could flex my foot up and down (plantar & dorsi flection) before and can still do so. Plantarflection has always been much greater than dorsiflection when I initiate the motion, however the therapy has probably loosend the muscular tension allowing greater range in the dorsiflection. Although I can't pull my foot up to any significant degree, the extra 'passive' flexability allows me to stand a bit straighter without being pushed backwards which allows for a better walking gait.

As all measurable spasticity (tension) was eliminated in the targeted muscles, no further injections were scheduled and I will be reassessed in early September of 2009 as by that time the nerves may have regenerated and a follow-up (ongoing) injection(s) may be necessary.

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