Friday, 4 January 2008

A Few Thoughts On Injury & Recovery

Just a few thoughts on Injury & Recovery

I did not need to hear “you’ll never walk again” - drawled out in a ‘ho-hum’ manner from not one, but two doctors on two occasions. A doctor will never admit to not knowing. If too full of oneself to admit to not knowing, then at least say “the odds are against it”. Science and medicine are advancing at dizzying rates and what is impossible today may be common place tomorrow. Regardless, don’t remove the last vestige of hope and the last incentive to try and fight the condition. Doctors should always stress the positive, offering hope and encouragement. The reality of individual situations will reveal itself along the road of recovery, however small or great.

I did not need to hear “you’ll be up and about in no time” - countless friends and acquaintances regaled me with stories of their ‘uncle’ who was paralyzed from the nose to the toes but has now recovered to qualify as a contestant on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. False hope is of no help either for I begin feeling that if I’m not progressing at a sufficiently quick rate, or I fail to recover, I’m letting those same friends down.

“We don’t know, the body is amazingly resilient in healing itself, great strides are being made in medicine - keep on fighting and see where you can get to” That I’ll accept with a “Thank You”.

I thank all my friends, family and acquaintances for their prayers for my recovery. I am truly appreciative of everyone’s prayers on my behalf. That said, I don’t believe my injury occurred because of God. It’s was not God’s action, it was a bacterial action in my case - an infection.
I also believe that any recovery will be due to whatever innate ability my body has to heal itself. It will be applied science, biology, chemistry, physiology, neurology, anatomy, histology & physiotherapy mixed with whatever determination I can muster.

As for God, I personally have no right to ask for God’s divine intervention to heal me, miraculously or otherwise. If God was to intervene, there are hospitals in cities and countries that are full of innocent children who are afflicted with terrible injuries and diseases with their distraught parents suffering at their bedsides. I just don’t see God helping me as long as these children suffer. Help them…. I’ll see how far I get on my own…