Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Still Broken

I last posted on October 26th that the Permobil failed yet again.  Today is November 23rd and the Permobil has been in the shop for just short of a month now with no resolution in sight.  Motion Specialties is baffled and Permobil U.S. has shown no interest in helping solve the problem but have indicated that they are willing to sell me a new motor every ninety days; their faith in their product reflected in the length of warranty they offer.

The Permobil has cost me as much to repair as I originally paid to acquire it.  It was gently used almost exclusively on indoor surfaces.  After four years it has become nothing more than a paper-weight sitting on my repair shop's floor.

Even if I was to get it back, I hesitate to use it alone or in public as I no longer have any confidence in its ability to get me to where I'm going.

So I continue to use my privately acquired old 'loaner' Quantum powerchair without experiencing any problems to date.

Does anyone really believe that I was sold the only "Lemon" in their crop?

*   *   *