Monday, 2 February 2009

Wheelchair Frustrations Part 2

Wheelchair Frustrations!
(No Manuals Supplied For Wheelchairs!)

Your toaster continuously turns white bread into charcoal briquettes so you go down to your local department store and buy a new one. On returning home you open the box and out falls a 'User's Manual'. Shampoo Bottles come with the explicit instructions "Apply, Rinse, Repeat" for those unfamiliar with the concept of shampooing. The toaster is sure to come with a manual telling the purchaser the features, how to use the item, safety issues, trouble shooting, and exploded diagram of parts & components as well a list of the toll free numbers to service centers who are authorized to repair the unit should it need it. All this and probably in two or three languages as well.

What do you get when you buy a $18,000 motorized wheelchair, or a $6300 manual chair??? Nada, nothing, zilch....
Of course they want you to buy the service contract, no doubt at inflated prices because it's a "health related" item.

Now if something breaks, I have to get on the phone and tell.....tell whom????...tell someone that "the do-hickey fell off of the thing-a-ma-jig so that the wigit now hangs off the big black thing."

It just seems to me that such expensive items, with parts that may need replacement, should have some information included with the product so that a capable owner is familiar with their chair, can look after it properly and safely and can intelligently inform a service department of problems they may be encountering.

Is a paper manual too much to ask?