Sunday, 12 February 2017

Permobil M300 Reliability & Other Thoughts

I did receive my Permobil M300 powerchair in December of 2016 back from the service provider.  They managed to get the chair's motor operational once again -somehow resetting it.  Further consultation by my service provider with Permobil's home office failed to resolve the power problem.  Permobil was disinterested.

My service provider once again replaced the electronic control unit of which he had managed to scavenge a used unit from discarded Permobil powerchair.  I purchased a new electronic power control unit in April of 2016 when it first failed.  Althought there was no evidence that this new unit was defective and causing the motor shut-down, problems started some time after it was installed.  As Permobil was of no help, my service technician was trying anything and everything to resolve my motor power problem.  With the used electronic power control unit installed and the motor reset (by unplugging it and re plugging it into the wiring harness that comes from the controller -the chair ran properly and he was unable to reproduce the power problem under various conditions and loads.

Bottom line:  My Permobil M300 is currently running as expected, however, I still have no confidence in the chair and always wonder when, for no obvious reason, it will decide to stop running properly.

I simply have no confidence in this Permobil product!

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