Sunday, 17 January 2010

Voluntary Brain Disease

No Brain Spammers

Paraplegia may result by several pathways, the usual being damage to the spinal cord or brain injury. While both are debilitating, perhaps the saddest injury of all is that of voluntary brain disease. The world is full of brainless morons who decide to display their self inflicted idiocy at every opportunity. Like a dog that has to raise it’s leg and piss on every post it passes, spammers have found their way to this blog and began daily postings submitted as comments.

My hope was that someone might benefit from my experiences and I welcomed shared discussion and legitimate comment and feedback on my posts. However, as of late I’ve received ever increasing posts of nonsensical babblings, come-ons, and self serving links to unrelated products and topics.

As a result of these idiot spammers, I’ve found it necessary to instigate ‘word verification’ in order to reduce the messages posted by ‘bots’. Those idiots who have more time than brains and post personally, I will continue to delete their spam immediately as they may appear.

It’s tragic that idiots voluntarily give up their brains in order to feed spam to the uninterested masses.

Get a life!

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