Sunday, 17 January 2010

Back to Gabapentin From Lyrica

January 2009 - Nerve pain is as severe as ever. Intense burning from just below the knees to the toes. A cross between burning and 'pins and needles' or perhaps if your limbs were submersed in very hot soda water with the thousands of bubbles bursting as 'pin-pricks' each and every second of each day of the year. There is that constant tingling element to it.

With my latest prescription renewal I abandoned my experiment with Lyrica and have gone back to Gabapentin although neither did much, if anything for the nerve pain. The Lyrica distorted my vision and induced sleepiness. Gabapentin is cheaper than Lyrica and although covered by my private insurance so I guess it's preferable to take an ineffective drug that has less side effects and doesn't erode the profits of the insurance company's CEOs.

I continue to take the medication simply because I feel as if I'm doing something, even if not very effective.

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