Thursday, 17 September 2009

Pleasant Insurance Suprise

Somewhat to my surprise, my private insurance covered the cost of the replacement 'joystick' controller unit for my electric wheelchair - at $1200.00+, a significant amount!

If only they could actually advise me when I call their customer service desk inquiring about specific coverage (chair parts, botox, etc). As I previously griped, the scenario is almost always the same. Call up to ask if and how much reimbursement or coverage I can expect and I get put on hold as they go to find a supervisor. After about 10 minutes, if I don't get disconnected and have to start again, I'm told to send the claim in and the amount will be determined. Trouble is, if not covered, I may wish to find another solution or do without. Anyways, I'm delighted that the private insurance I paid in for decades now actually provides coverage when needed.

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