Thursday, 2 April 2009


Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

In an attempt to loosen the tightness in muscles and joints the physiotherapist tried acupuncture. During several attempts she found that my muscles were so tight/hard that she couldn't get the needle in without bending it. Holding it closer to the point so it wouldn't bend would compromise sterility. Shorter needles didn't bend but were less effective.

After four half hour sessions, no appreciative difference was noted and the therapy was discontinued. BoTox therapy may accomplish what acupuncture could not. That has yet to be seen.

My private insurance had allowed payment for 6 one hour massage therapy sessions. I took advantage of this on the advice of my physiotherapist, again in hopes of releasing tension, particularly in my calf muscles but also the ham-strings and even possibly help the sciatic pain. The masseuse commented that my calves "felt like baseball bats" - hard. After six sessions he felt they were more supple and helped somewhat in movement. It sure felt good but I'm not sure how much effect they had on me.

One problem associated with this injury and the inability to continuous walk is that the muscles tighten and as they do they apply pressure on the blood vessels thereby reducing circulation. The massage therapy may have aided circulation.

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