Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Quantum to the Rescue

Through a sympathetic friendly person with connections, I was offered the continued use of a Quantum Power Wheelchair.  It is a used chair of unknown vintage however I am most grateful to have an alternative to the 'all-but-new' (virtually every part replaced) disastrous Permobil M300.  I have one more year to wait before I am eligible for government assistance (ADP) in replacing the bucket of bolts carrying the Permobil label.

I have more faith in the old Quantum than the perpetually rebuilt & re-serviced Permobil.

You can be certain my next chair will NOT be a Permobil and I have not nor will not be recommending it to anyone except if they wish to buy a very large paper-weight!

Spare Used Quantum Power Wheelchair as a back-up to my disastrous Permobil M300

*   *   *

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