Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Permobil Wheelchair - Latest Part to Break & Fall Off

Cleaning the dust off of my wheelchair with a soft cloth, I see something fall off.  It appears to be half of a plastic washer or spacer.  It is not obvious from exactly where it fell or where it belongs.  When finished, I backed away and found the other half of the spacer.

 Latest mystery part to fall off of my Permobil M300 Power Wheelchair

I will place the pieces in a box with the rest of the items which have fallen off of this Permobil wheelchair and no longer are held in place where intended.

I don't wish to hear that "it's not important" as it was added to the wheelchair during assembly and served some purpose.  I paid for the part and for proper operation of this Permobil wheelchair.  The chair has been disintegrating piece by piece almost since obtaining it.

Plastic is a fine product however, it is most frequently used in the wrong places for the wrong purpose!  These days it is used to make products cheaper -not less expensive.  Bigger profits is the only concern!

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