Monday, 15 February 2016

Cost of Operating the Permobil Wheelchair

My Permobil M300 power wheelchair is only three years old yet in repairs, in the last half year, I have spent almost as much as what the wheelchair cost me in the first place.

1.  Seat Post - $560 Cnd.
2.  Right Motor - $1137 Cnd.
3.  Left  Motor - $1137 Cnd.
    Total = $2384 Cnd. (Parts and Labour - No Tax)

My insurance company covered the Seat Post however I have not heard back about the first motor replacement and have not yet submitted the second motor - pending what happens with the first claim.  I'm sure they will start an investigation as who could possibly believe that two motors fail within weeks of each other.

My old Quantum lost one motor while still under warranty.

Surprisingly both the repair shop manager and the field service technician claim that the Permobil is a good chair.  I will let the reader of this blog decide for themselves.

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