Sunday, 17 May 2009

BoTox Therapy

BoTox Therapy

BoTox or Botulinum Toxin therapy has been suggested as an adjunct to my physiotherapy. The problem lies in the stiffness in my feet and achillies. The release of acetylcholine keeps nerve muscle synapses contracting and has my muscles/joints tight. Stretching out has little effect in releasing the tightness for any period of time. Botulinum toxin permanently disrupts the signal transmission to relax the muscles however, unlike the spinal cord, peripheral nerves can regrow and in time new connections will re-grow and transmit the signal once again. Repeat injections may be necessary. With the therapy I should be able to stand upright better, at 90 degrees to the floor and not be pushed backwards because of tight muscles not allowing me to lean forward efficiently.

I figured that a micro-organism (Staph aureus) got me into this mess, perhaps another organism (Clostridium botulinum) producing BoTox, may get me out, if even a little bit.

I made an appointment some two months ago for an evaluation with a Physiatrist (Physician & Therapist) and he thought that I was a good candidate for such therapy. All I needed was approval from my health insurance carrier. I had phoned the insurance company some time previous at which time after playing phone tag and sitting on hold for about 15 minutes, I was verbally informed that I was covered for such treatment.

The doctor personally required this information prior to starting therapy so I filled out a form in his office and it was faxed off to the insurance company that day. Since that time (6 weeks+) neither I nor my doctor's office received any reply from the insurance company. Now I have to play phone tag with their customer service reps once more to find out what happened. My doctor's office insists the form would not be sent to their office but should be sent to me at home. The reason?
Patient confidentiality!

I authorized my doctor to inquire about therapy coverage from my insurer and they can't tell my doctor because of "patient confidentiality". Pretty soon they won't release information to the patient because of patient confidentiality.

At about $400 per vial, I can't afford to get this therapy out of pocket unless I know I'll be reimbursed. Unless I have it in writing, I don't believe anyone anymore.

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