Monday, 1 October 2007

Canadian Paraplegic Association's Welcome

My Welcome To The Canadian Paraplegic Association

I'm sure the Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA) is a fine organization with a mandate to assist para & quadriplegics to assimilate back into the world. However I found my welcome rather uninspiring. Now I wasn't expecting a marching band, noise makers & confetti when I rolled through their narrow office door conveniently located upstairs in the Rehab hospital I was in but I didn't I wasn't expecting the cold reception that I received.

You have to realize that people who find themselves in this Rehab hospital have just undergone a life altering injury of some sort and are rather fragile emotionally as well as physically. I expected that sort of understanding from the CPA and for them to treat people seeking information accordingly. When I rolled into their office, I found myself patiently waiting as the secretary finished her computer entry....and I waited, and...I waited. Finally the old school marmish woman glanced over her glasses and down her nose asking if she could help me. "Yes, I've come to sign up" I said. "For what?" she tersely replied. I would think that most 'inmates' in the Rehab would be inquiring about signing up for membership, but that assumption was my fault. Explaining to her that I was indeed inquiring about membership, she reached for two business cards, shoved them towards me and told me to call one of them for an appointment at their convenience as she resumed clicking away at her keyboard. Assuming I was dismissed, I made a point of thanking her for her assistance and I rolled out of the office back to my room. I just couldn't shake that cold reception so back in my hospital room I filed the business cards in the garbage can and decided I would find my own way without the assistance of the CPA.

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